This tool is designed to help you find a person's proper email if you know their first name, last name and place of work. Simply fill in the fields as shown, then submit the form. The application will validate the emails and then test the mail servers to see if the address exists.

"Catchall" email addresses
Some servers have 'catchall' email addresses that accept all email addressed to their domain. Such servers will show all attempts and addresses with the proper domain as valid (, for example, does this). Other servers may block this application entirely. At the time this tool was created, it worked perfectly, but there is no guarantee that it will work in the long run.

Unfortunately, we have had to implement reCaptcha authorization to prevent future abuse of this tool.

Made by Daniel Del Percio

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The idea for this page came about after I needed to find someone online. I knew the person's name (first and last), as well as where they worked. I found them on LinkedIn, but that is a bad way to connect with someone as they do not reveal the correct, working email address nor telephone contact. This script was born of that need and I hope that others with similar needs find it useful.

Who might need a script like this?

Headhunters (recruiters) very often need to find people who they may be able to place in new opportunities.
Salespeople may need to contact someone.
Old friends may wish to re-connect with someone.
Friends of friends.
Anybody who has ever tried to find someone online can probably think of other reasons how to responsibly use a tool such as this.

What this script is not...

This script is not designed to be used by spam harvesters or spammers - for that reason, I added a reCaptcha to it. This makes it useful only for legitimate searchers and not very useful for bulk spammers and penetration hackers. I hope that people use this tool responsibly, as it is very useful.

My Story

I was selling my house recently and so listed it online on GumTree (an Ebay company). I immediately got a phone call from a gentleman with a Russian accent. He claimed to be a large international diamond dealer and also a real estate investor that was looking to buy houses in my city for cash. The more he talked, the less I believed him, but along the way he claimed to be working with a certain asset manager and that I was to send more pictures and information about my home to her at her email address.

It was a gmail address.

That was the first alarm bell. I began researching and found a person with the name he cited and she was indeed an asset manager based in Switzerland, she did indeed work for a very major Swiss bank with Russian clients and was a high profile professional with a stellar reputation. If it weren't for the fact that he misspelled her last name, someone could have almost believed him.

I needed to contact this person and tell her that her good name was being used in a scam by some Russian scam artists, so this tool enabled me to track her down and share my story with her. I'm not sure what she has done with this entire story, but at least I can rest assured that this scam artist has been exposed.

I don't know how the story of this Russian scammer ends, he is probably out there trying to cheat or steal the identities of other home sellers on the internet. What did come out of it was this tool - an email permutator and checker!

About Me

I am a hobbyist programmer and web application developer. I dont consider myself much of a designer, programmer or IT geek, but somehow I managed to build applicaitons like this and it appears that people use them. I hope you find this useful and I hope it doesn't get abused.

My home is Warsaw, Poland for now - although I am an American.

About this application

This application is written in PHP and jQuery as well as using HTML and CSS. When I first began developing it, I uploaded it to a European server I have in the UK at OVH Web Hosting. They immediately shut down my entire server and all of my sites and said that a phishing operation had been installed on my site! After an hour or so on the phone with their technical support guy, he told me that I could, in fact host this on an OVH server, but I would have to pay for a separate VPS (Virtual Private Server) or something. Then of course, they would allow a phishing operation - I suppose!

This tool is not meant to do phishing or anything of that sort, but only to help people find the proper working email address of someone they already know well enough to properly input three fields:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Domain of the company they work for.

1174460 email addresses checked, 1467102 emails permutated in 2236 visits.